Search for brand newness
After conducting a preliminary assessment of the patentability of the designation, we recommend that you conduct an informational search for the identity and similarity of your trademark to those registered or submitted for registration.
As of December 1, 2018, Ukrpatent has issued 251 169 certificates for TM. In addition, there are still a large number of applications submitted for which no decision has yet been made. In order to avoid the refusal of registration of TM on the basis of the novelty, we recommend conducting a search.
Search is conducted by:
→ registered marks for goods and services;
→ submitted for registration, which are pending;
→ international registrations that have received territorial expansion to Ukraine.
The cost of conducting an information search for identity and similarity:
→ verbal or pictorial designation class 1 - 864.00 UAH. For each subsequent class - 174.00 UAH.
→ combined designation 1 class - 1728.00 UAH. For each subsequent class - 348.00 UAH.
The search term is up to 7 business days.
When ordering an urgent search (up to 3 business days) the cost is doubled.