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The cost of registration of a trademark in Ukraine in the first class MKTP - 5585.00 UAH.
There are 2 trademark registration procedures in Ukraine, namely:
- ordinary (registration period 1.5 - 1.8 years);
- accelerated (registration period 7 - 8 months).
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Cost of accelerated registration of a trademark within 7 - 8 months is:
→ verbal or pictorial designation for the first class of MCTP - 5220,00 UAH. (UAH 612.00 for each subsequent class indicated in the application);
→ combined designation for the first class of MCTP - 9396,00 UAH. (UAH 960.00 for each subsequent class indicated in the application).
Trademark (the law uses the term sign for goods and services) - a designation by which the goods and services of one person are different from the goods and services of others.
Requirements for the application for TM registration:
- the application is made in Ukrainian;
- the application must be for one character.
A designation different from the claimed designation by any element is considered to be a different designation.
The application for registration of a mark for goods and services must include:
- application for registration of the mark - 1 note;
- an image of the sign claimed in size 8x8;
- the list of goods and services for which the applicant requests registration of the mark, grouped by ICCPR;
- Documents attached to the application.
If the color of the mark is claimed, then under the code (591) the color / colors of the trade mark is indicated and an additional fee of 1000,00 UAH is applied for the application.
State fees for actions related to intellectual property are regulated by the CMU Resolution of December 23, 2004 №1716.
What is the cost of a state application fee?
- 4000.00 UAH - state fee for applying for each specified class of MCTP (additional charge is 1000.00 UAH if color / colors are applied for and 130% of the said fee for submission by several applicants);
- 600,00 UAH - state fee for publication of information on the issue of Certificate for the mark for goods and services for each specified class of MCTP (additional payment is 200,00 UAH if the trade mark is colored);
- 85,00 - state fee for issuing the Certificate.