The cost of accelerated trademark registration.
Today, the term of registration of a trademark without speeding up the procedure lasts more than 1.5 years. Such deadlines are primarily due to the large number of applications received by Ukrpatent for registration. The regulatory documents do not provide for a specific time period for the consideration of an application for a trademark mark.
At once we want to note that the right to a trademark arises from the date of registration, and the priority - from the date of filing the application for registration (if no documents have been submitted to establish the Convention priority).
Quite often, the accelerated registration of a mark for goods and services is due to the receipt of a level 1 domain (.UA).
There is an accelerated trademark registration procedure (7–8 months).
The cost of accelerated registration of a mark for goods and services for 7-8 months
→ Verbal or pictorial designation in the 1st class of the Nice Classification - 5220.00 UAH.
- for each subsequent declared class - 612.00 UAH.
→ Combined designation in class 1 - UAH 9396.00.
- for each subsequent class - 960.00 UAH
Above is the cost of carrying out an accelerated registration mark for goods and services.
In addition to these payments, mandatory payments are paid, namely:
  • state fee for filing an application for a mark for goods and services (fee 40100) - 1000.00 UAH.for each declared class, + 500.00 UAH, if it is declared for registration of the designation in color;
  • state fee for the publication of a certificate (fee 41700) - 150.00 UAH., + 100.00 UAH. for the publication of the designation in color)
  • state duty for issuing a trademark certificate - 85.00 UAH.